update on Headhunter and INVASION

17 04 2010

Reading the weekly update on Bungie.net, I also found that scoring 10 skulls at once will earn you a skullimenjaro, and automatically win the game, because your so  amazingly awesome, or just over time add to 25. Juggernaut will return to a traditional time of NO Armour abilities, and NO load-outs, FFA will do the same. Killing as the juggernaut gets you 10 points, and killing the juggernaut gets you 5, 150 to win. Switching off to the new INVASION mode, which was covered last night on GameTrailers, the most I can assume of this game is:

  • Attacking Elites, defending Spartans
  • 3 stages where the attackers push to the next “tier” after completing the objective.
  • You will be able to spawn on teammates. ( only sure for defense)
  • Boneyard will be a very large, open map where much chaos will happen.
  • Each side will have a “garage” where their vehicles start, UNSC-warthog,scorpion/COVIE-ghost,wraith,banshee
  • Objectives using explosives.

Go to the trailers page to see the entire video to see for yourself.




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