Halo Reach Beta Impressions

22 05 2010

First off, I thought that the Halo Reach beta was a blast. When the beta first came out at 1:20pm EST, I thought it was really annoying how the servers where extremely wacky for the entire day, yet getting better by night, and being fine by the next day. To make this easier to see and read, i’m going to do a pros and cons list.


  • The matchmaking times are a lot shorter and the new voting system is great for playing games the people want to play, I’ll describe its flaws in the cons.
  • The new weapons such as the Grenade Launcher “pro pipe” and focus beam are awesome.
  • The new game modes like Headhunter and Stockpile are awesome.
  • Armor Abilities are awesome and all pretty balanced.
  • Spartan VS Elites work in most cases, and the weapons are somewhat balanced.
  • The plasma pistol can kill now. 🙂
  • The placement of weapons on the maps are great.
  • Theater films take SO MUCH less time to load, which is great.
  • The file browser is a great feature and is also great when your board
  • The Armory is great!
  • The ranking system is so much better, and credits are cool.
  • Arena is OK-ish


  • The grenades are way to powerful, (only frag)
  • The shotgun is way to long range.
  • The DMR and AR are underpowered.
  • Armor Lock is all around annoying.
  • Glitches (I know it’s a beta)
  • Bloom ridicule is too big. (not bad all together though)
  • Grenade spam in objective games.
  • Invasion is too much for Elites to win.
  • Tank is 1 hit kill on EVERYTHING
  • Covenant vehicles are way to weak.
  • The wraith can’t shot while short-circuited. (All other vehicles can)
  • Shotgun-Armor Lock load out is cheap as hell.
  • EMP blast from pro-pipe is huge against vehicles.
  • file share format
  • 1 Flag on Sword Base always being at the top of Grab Bag.

There is more, but this is the general stuff. The reason I have more Cons than Pros is the simple fact that: A) it’s a beta, and B) The flaws where a constant problem during game play. (very frustration)




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