Lots of info on Halo Reach. LOTS

25 07 2010

First of all the entire armory was shown off a while ago, but IGN has now released a video going through some of the catagories.

Second, Firefight versus was announced at Comic-con and its pretty awesome. It’s 2v2 Spartans VS Elites and the Spartans have a certain amount of lives and kill covenant for points, like normal firefight, but the Elites kill the Spartans to end the round faster, but if a Spartan kills a player controlled Elite, The spartan team gets an extra life. After a certain amount of time or Spartans running out of lives, the teams switch to see how gets more points as the Spartan team.

Lastly Forge was announced and it is really stepped up from Halo 3’s forge mode. It so massive that your just going to have to watch the video for its explanation. I too busy to type EVERYTHING it offers.




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