First Mission of Halo: Reach *Leaked*SPOILERS*

23 08 2010

Not my video, This video shows the first mission and if you want to keep the experience fresh, avoid this.

I’m so sorry that these get taken down. 😦 I’m pissed myself but I always try to replace it.




2 responses

26 08 2010

I would be lying if I said my heart was still in healthy condition.

I’m favourite-ing this page, it’s just… great. No spoilers, but so much information.
Can’t wait till September 14th!

26 08 2010

If your going to watch these, please don’t skip out on the 3rd part. No major spoilers, but the coolest cut-scene I’ve ever seen. Gave me goosebumps and near the end my heart started accelerating because shit got dark and scary.

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