New trailer for the Noble Map Pack

23 11 2010

This 6 min video shows Anchor 9. Sort of like the pit from Halo 3, and it looks awesome. The space part of it look great, even better so than Zealot, (since it got over camped and they made it a kill zone.)

Tempest is a new medium sized map that reminds us of the Halo level in the first Halo game, and is very interesting and pretty.

Breakpoint is the invasion map is very large and looks amazingly fun. Falcons, Banshees, Wraiths, Rockethogs. Great fun.




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3 01 2011
Zendty is a Brig « Halo: Reach information

[…] If you need a recap on the Noble Map Pack map or details on it click HERE […]

15 12 2010

Love the new Map Pack, But It likes to boot me off. I dont know why, the web connection is good, the other maps work fine But when I go to play the new maps I get drooped off frequently. Any help?

16 12 2010

I’m not sure what the problem could be, sorry. If I had to guess though it could just be because it’s a Downloaded map and it has to take more (something) to run.

17 12 2010

Some people have suggested its because there are fewer people with the maps & therefore your chances of playing with other people with similar internet connections are reduced? I know that doesnt help, but that may be why? Have you checked your network status & if that’s all green, you could try the forums?

1 12 2010

How have you been finding the Noble Pack?

I’m loving Anchor 9 – definitely suits my need for the occasional death from above glory, and the central section is perfect for cheeky headshots from the sides / upper levels…

BG xx

9 12 2010

I also really like Anchor 9, reminds me a lot of the pit, which was a Halo 3 favorite. Tempest is also a really fun map with vehicles and such.

10 12 2010

I’ve enjoyed tempest with the exception of teams spawning behind me a la Narrows on H3 which used to drive me mad!

23 11 2010

This is definitely looking good for some close quarter fun!

I agree, Zealot did have potential for being an awesome outdoor experience, but the soft kill zone sort of ruined it for everyone…

I’m particularly interested to see how it fits together for smaller, objective based games like oddball, and I know I’ll be getting ready for the download on 30 November!

BG xx

29 11 2010


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