Armor A’s

Armor abilities will completely replace equipment from Halo 3, and that’s a very good thing. They will be able to be used repeatedly instead of equipments one and done purpose. Here’s a list of the currently CONFIRMED armor abilities.

  • Sprint- (Spartans only) this armor ability does what its called, it sprints. This would be helpful on big maps with long walks into battle, or for hauling to the enemy flag.
  • Active Camo- This is a something that you could use when trying to be stealthy. It lasts for about 30 seconds, and does have some side-effects. Firstly, your radar jammer gets screwed up, so none of that. Secondly, your not completely invisible, and the faster you move or shoot, the easier you are to see.
  • JET PACKS- Ya, it’s a jet pack, it goes up, and you can shoot, “death from above”. But it does fall back down pretty quickly so watch your meter.
  • Armor Lock– The main idea is that you punch the ground and create a shield and can’t die at all. It also serves as an EMP so you could fry vehicles too. The only thing is that as soon as you pop out of it, your a glowing target. (you can’t move when activated)
  • Evade– kind of a barrel roll movement so you can increase speed and duck out of action if needed.
  • Drop Shied- You throw a bubble shield on the grounds that shields and heals players in it, but can be destroyed from explosions on the outside (like a deployable cover) and recharges very slowly.
  • Hologram- You point a courser at a spot, then a hologram walks straight to it and stops moving, it also has a finite life span.

Now for some pictures



jet pack

jet pack

lock down

Armor Lock


evade (elite)

Active camo

Active camo (JOKE)


4 responses

1 04 2016
Marcus duran

Nice stuff yow got

24 05 2014
Spartan 117

the spike rifle suckes
get your facts straight and dont be mean hes helping people here

18 03 2013

Spike rifle the best gun ever

18 03 2013

U forgot the spike rifle u goddamn mother fucker!

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