Halo 4 teaser ( also Halo : Anniversary )

6 06 2011

Ready for that game that we were all dieing to play?

Holiday 2012

But more sooner is the 10th anniversary of Halo : Combat Evolved … and a new game remaking the classic

November 15, 2011


New Halo: Reach ViDoc – A Spartan Will Rise, Plus NEW firefight map unvealed. Corvette – Pictures plus Video. Engineers Confirmed.

17 08 2010

Lots, of stuff. First off, the ViDoc.

Now here are some pictures of the new Firefight map Covette.

And lastly, a VIDEO with confirmation of the engineer from ODST.

Extended look at Halo Reach Space Combat

16 06 2010

IGN had an interview with Bungie where they showed off much more of the space combat that will be featured in a mission in campaign. Looks fricking awesome!