Halo: Reach on Xbox One runs well

10 01 2018


Halo: Reach on Xbox One still unplayable

25 05 2016

With the frame rate dipping into the low teens, the covenant is hardly what’s destroying Reach on Xbox One’s backwards compatibility.

June matchmaking update

9 06 2011

Here’s what’s new in the June update to Halo: Reach

  • Team Objectiverevamp
    • Similar to the recent Big Team Battle revamp, refined the playlist lineup so players are consistently being offered more popular experiences with less fringe gametypes
  • Premium Slayer and Premium Battle playlists added
    • These playlists will require both Noble and Defiant DLC, coinciding with this we will be removing the Defiant Map Pack playlist
  • Firefight Doublesplaylist added
    • This will be a permanent version of the Doubles Attack playlist, but will offer each core Firefight experience (2X Score Attack, Arcadefight, FF Limited)
  • Flagstravaganzaplaylist added
    • This 5v5 playlist will be available for a limited time, consisting of all CTF gametypes and premiering new modes (3 Flag, CTF Slayer)
  • MLG playlist updated to V4 maps and gametypes
  • CTF now supports more custom game options (3 flag, separate flag score values for enemy and neutral flags, slayer scoring, flag return scoring) and we’ve fixed the flag return radius
  • Oddball now supports changing the Ball Reset time as a custom game option
  • Integrating 5 more community maps where appropriate into The Arena, Team Slayer, Double Team and Big Team Battle
    • Maps: Think Twice, Rebirth, Select, Precipice and Mt Lam Lam
  • Drop Shield removed from all objective gametypes
  • Armor Lock removed from Team Objective
  • Improved spawning on Pinnacle
    • Removed global respawn zone. Added gametype specific respawn zones for certain objective gametypes.
  • Various fixes to Firefight
    • Firefight Arcade gametypes now have a 20 minute time limit, enabled dropships for first and boss waves, updated Arcadefight loadouts
    • Firefight Limited no longer offers Jet Pack loadouts, enabled Betrayal Booting to prevent griefing (Friendly Fire remains off), enabled Grunt Birthday Party for bonus round
    • Nerfed Shootiness and Luck for custom skull in Skirmigeddon, the gametype was a little too painful

Something warming as an update

4 06 2011

I know I haven’t updated this site in quite time and I apologize. Summer is coming so more free time away from school (thank god). Also, I have made it to Field Marshall if anyone cares (I know you all do) … So as a small update I thought I’d show you an interesting and funny glitch posted by Bungie. ENJOY 🙂

Gameplay on Defiant map pack

25 02 2011

check it out… bummer that the person playing is horrible

unearthed is a huge map… in firefight… 😀

Goodbye, Arena. Hello, The Arena!

21 02 2011
  • All of the existing Arena playlists will be replaced with a single playlist called…The Arena.
    • We’re simplifying the format of Arena and keeping the core 4v4 configuration.
    • A new competitive Double Team playlist will be created to replace the Doubles Arena.
  • The Arena will have Seasonal lengths of 3 months.
    • This will allow you to make a longer investment in maintaining your Divisional placement.
  • The Arena will still have Player Ratings to represent your individual skill in each game you play, but this rating will no longer be used to calculate who won the game.
    • Your skill will be judged by whether your team wins or loses.
    • You can still track your daily rating to see how well you’re doing.
  • The formula for Player Rating will be modified to reduce the value of assists and remove the effects of the loss scalar.
    • Loss scalar will no longer be necessary because the Player Rating will no longer be used for TrueSkill calculations.
  • The gametype used will have the following basic settings: DMR/AR/1Frag/Sprint, Evade, Jetpack, and Hologram with Motion Tracker ON.
    • This is closer to the Team Slayer experience, which is the gameplay experience that The Arena is intended to represent.

Defiant Map Pack trailer

14 02 2011

It’s been a while. But this is sure to make up for lost time. 🙂 enjoy awesomeness.