Firefight– Firefight was first brought up in Halo 3: ODST, but never really lasted that long, but this time around it looks amazing. Here’s what’s in store

  • Matchmaking (finally)
  • 4 Player co-op
  • Fully customizable
  • 4 game modes:
  1. Score Attack– Same as ODST with skulls that show up after a wave and set.
  2. Generator Defense– Like in the beta, you defend 3 generators from covenant, only now they are AI controlled.
  3. RocketFight– Normal Firefight only with unlimited Rockets and Pistol.
  4. Custom– You make it, from changing what weapons spawn, to what enemies come in each wave, to bullet damage.

Link to Bungie update explaining Firefight 2.0

ForgeToo much to cover, watch video. It will explain.

Load-Outs Load outs are not going to ruin the game in any way, plus there is still a classic mode for those who can’t take the pressure. But anyway, rather than creating your own class and owning everyone from the start (CoD MW2) each game will have a set of load outs to chose from, each with their own pros and cons.

Load Outs

Load Outs

FANBOY (transferred)

Make this a checklist of everything you need to be classed “Super-Nerd”

  • Pre-order- This earns you the Recon helmet.
  • Day 1 pick-up- In the USA, you can get Recon without pre-ordering, but this is very important anyways.
  • Legendary Edition of the game – Your going to need everything to get fanboy ship. Coming with plenty of in-game content and real world nerd pieces, this is a must.
    Elite extra
    Elite extra
    Spartan effect
    Spartan effect
  • Halo 2- Playing Halo 2 earns you a visual flair in Reach, so hopefully played that because it’s now impossible.
  • Halo CE for PC- Playing this gets you another visual flair, but is also impossible to achieve now.
  • Halo: Reach console- I know $400 is a bit pricey and a new xbox might not be necessary, but It comes with the game, 2 special controller (also a must), and the new slim xbox.
  • Halo: Reach wireless mike- because it looks cool.
  • Gamestop- Picking the game up at Gamestop gets you this!

Halo Reach Limited Edition Strategy Guide – This includes 100 more pages than the normal guide, and is LIMITED! so if your going to know everything about everything, be sure to pick this up.

Strategy guide
Strategy guide

File Searching– The file share is a way to check out someone’s favorite Halo games, videos, and screen-shots, and that will be in Halo Reach to an even better extentant, but file searching will be awesome. If you have ever been to bungie.net, they have a searching engine that finds games, videos, and screen-shots that have something in common with what you searched for, then you could download it to your hard drive. A really useful feature indeed but that had to be done on a computer, now you just hit start, go down to file shareing, search “Jenga” and get a game and map with that game. Really neat improvement.

Metals– There will be 120 unique medals, and why not show off some of Bungie’s awesome sauce metals and how to get them!

Rejection – Armor Lock and survive damage that would be fatal.

How it works: Armor lock and survive single, incoming damage types that have the ability to kill a player at full shields and health, like a Rocket, or a Sticky grenade.

How interested parties will react: The dude who’s Rocket you just rejected will probably throw his controller, or as resident Armor Lock savant Froman can routinely be heard saying, “Oh man, that guy is so angry.”



Protector – Save a teammate by killing his foe.

How it works: We track damage done to players by other players, even if those players don’t generate kills. In Protector’s case, after a certain amount of damage has been done to a Player A by Player B, if Player C kills player B, he earns the Protector Medal. Player A receives a message (in the same place as messages like You sniped JimmyAwful) that says PlayerC saved your life.

How interested parties will react: Player A will survive and have a newfound appreciation for the bro he may or may not know who just bailed him out of harm’s way. Player B will be selecting a loadout while respawning.



Showstopper – Kill an opponent while they are performing an Assassination.

How it works: Assassinations (which have had many names internally throughout development) have a strike frame where the kill occurs. This enables players on the receiving end of an Assassination to be saved if their assailant is killed prior to the strike frame. Enter, the Showstopper Medal.

How interested parties will react: The guy performing the Assassination is going to pitch his controller and possibly his Xbox out of a window. The guy who earned the Showstopper is going to watch his friend stand up and walk away, unscathed.



These are just some other pictures

hammer riot
hammer riot- Get 15 kills using the Gravity Hammer in one life.
headcase- Kill someone by a headshot while they are sprinting
laser kill
laser kill- kill someone using the Spartan laser
pull- Kill someone while they are using a jet pack
wheelman spree
wheelman spree- Be in the driver seat of a vehicle while a passenger gets a killing spree.
yoink- Hijack someones assassination, whether friend or foe.
zombie frenzy
zombie frenzy- Kill 10 humans as a zombie in 1 life.
And some GIFS

3 responses

1 11 2010

zombie frenzy is wrong. its either 5 kills as a zombie without dying, or killing 5 zombies without dying.

Yoink is wrong. its killing an enemy while your teammate is performing a special assassination

wheelman spree is driving like a warthog while the guy in the gunner seat gets 5 kills using the gun.

Pull is killing someone who is jetpacking. if you kill someone while you are jetpacking its called firebird.

Headcase is killing an enemy while he is sprinting

Hammer riot is 15 kills with a gravity hammer. you can tell by the colors of the medal. silver and blue is a spree (5 kills) orange and green is a frenzy (10 kills) and riot is white and purple (15) rampage is yellow and orange (20 kills)
i dont remember the one for 25 kills, but 30 kills is invincible and its black and blue.


these were based off definitions of the medals from the carnage report (previous game stats) after i finished a game and checked my stats. Some of them may be wrong on my part as well but this is what i remember.

1 11 2010

Thanks for the update, these were REALLY old pictures that I forgot about and this is what they meant or what I thought they were at the time. Thanks for the reminder though 🙂

30 10 2010

Cool pics

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